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Condo search checklist

Searching for the perfect condo is part art and part science, with a little luck thrown in for good measure. Preparation is key, however, with hard work and research at the start of the process always paying off in the end. Before you start hunting for a condo, it's a good idea to research the market and look into specific cities and neighborhoods.  

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Buying a condo vs buying a house

Are you struggling to choose between buying a condo or buying a house? You're not alone. With condos becoming more popular across North America, and many great deals to be had, there's a lot of confusion surrounding the current real estate landscape. While detached dwellings are the traditional choice for many, condos have become a viable and attractive alternative.

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Condo fees explained - an insider’s guide

The condominium lifestyle is more popular than ever, with people across North America increasingly looking for an affordable way to upgrade their quality of life. Condos provide a number of benefits over single detached dwellings, with people able to access more affordable homes, more central locations, and more amenities than they could afford otherwise. Depending on the building, condos may also provide people with greater access to a community of like minded souls.

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