Smart lighting decoration tips for making a small condo appear bigger

By Mike Johnston

Condos (condominiums) are individually-owned properties located in a shared building or community. Typically, tenants share certain areas, such as gyms, rec rooms, garages, yards, etc. while being sole owners of their residence.

One of the biggest disadvantages of condos is their size – on average, a small condo may be around 550 square feet. However, even a 1000-square-foot condo can be small for big families or individuals who’ve moved out from a house.

Yet, with the right design approach, you can truly bring your condo to a new level. In fact, certain design elements can completely transform its look, elevate its style and help you create a more enjoyable living atmosphere. Lighting is one of those elements that can do wonders in a small space.

A small condo: yay or nay?

A tiny condo does bring some challenges, but it also offers different benefits. Since it’s limited in size, it doesn’t require much maintenance, so you don’t have to spend days trying to get everything in order.

It also provides you with a better image of your space, enabling you to implement carefully picked furniture pieces and decorative elements and bring them together into a more cohesive look. And although you don’t have a spacious backyard, you don’t have to worry about landscaping and numerous expenses.

The small space can be an inconvenience, but it also motivates you to be more mindful of your purchases, helping you save money in the long run. Finally, the fact that it’s small doesn’t limit your design options.

Lighting to the rescue

With proper lighting, you can truly transform your condo and give it a more open, spacious look. Lighting will help you create a new atmosphere, set the mood, elevate your décor style and accentuate your home’s beautiful features. When combined with other design elements, lighting, both artificial and natural, will open up your space and fill it with an airy vibe.

There’s nothing like natural lighting

small condo natural_lighting.jpeg

Let’s start with natural lighting. Aside from providing you with invaluable health benefits, sunlight can give your condo quite a flattering glow. The changing hues of sunlight are truly mesmerizing, enabling you to enjoy the beautiful effect that they create.

Thus, you should find different ways to maximize natural light in your condo, such as removing heavy drapes, leaving your windows bare and even installing skylights or solar tubes if possible. Afterwards, you’ll notice how your tiny condo seems bigger, brighter and more open.

Function meets aesthetics


When it comes to artificial lighting, it’s important that you consider both function and aesthetics for the best effect. It’s important that each room has lighting appropriate for its purpose, which is why you need to install a layered lighting scheme consisting of general, task and accent lighting.

General lighting can also be used as a stylish design statement since it comes from pendants and chandeliers. Task lights will enable you to perform certain tasks, such as reading, writing, slicing and others, easily and effortlessly. Accent lights will illuminate your condo’s lovely features and elevate your home décor.

Dimmers are also a functional solution that will enable you to adjust your condo’s atmosphere depending on your needs.

Varying your source of light will diffuse it throughout your space and make it seem more open. However, since you’ll probably need to install additional outlets, make sure to call a professional electrician. In certain countries, such as Australia, there are strict regulations against DIY electrical installations.

Instead, experienced Sydney electrician teams, for example, are all licenced to deal with electrical work, providing their clients with reliable and safe solutions. In addition, an expert can suggest appropriate lighting solutions that will be suitable for your small condo.

A few lighting tricks to keep in mind

small condo lamp_bedside.jpeg

There are more than a few effective tricks that will help you use lighting to make your space seem bigger. For instance, you can use long, chic pendants to accentuate the height of your space if it has a relatively high ceiling. This will draw the gaze upwards, refocusing attention from small floor space. Illuminating your dark corners with free standing lamps and wall sconces will also brighten up your home.

You should also keep in mind that implementing shiny materials, such as glass, and glossy finishes will also help you make your home seem more spacious by reflecting light. In combination with an open, bright colour scheme, this will have the best effect.

Lighting and mirrors go hand in hand

One of the most effective ways to make your condo seem bigger is to introduce plenty of mirrors. Not only will they visually expand your space, but they will also reflect light throughout your condo and create an illusion of spaciousness.

You can place mirrors on your doors, above your furniture or in your dark, tiny hallway. Introducing furniture with mirrored surfaces and doors is a practical and stylish solution that will create an amazing effect in your home.

A small condo does bring certain challenges, but if you implement appropriate lighting solutions along with other design elements, you’ll truly open up your space and give it an airy vibe.


About the author: Mike is a Home improvement blogger, DIY enthusiast and resident sustainability buff. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and contributor on several interior design and eco blogs, always on the lookout for new ideas and latest trends in the field. Twitter  Google+