Important things to consider when renovating a condo

Important things to consider when renovating a condo

By Cooper Klein

Any type of renovation brings certain design challenges and difficulties. However, when renovating a condo, you need to be even more organized and efficient because you need to make the most of your limited space and find a functional layout. Therefore, it’s important that you take different aspects into consideration and develop a detailed plan when remodelling your condo.

Beware of the rules

Since condos are a part of a larger community, you need to keep in mind that there might be certain restrictions or guidelines that you need to follow. Condominium buildings typically have their own associations or boards that set up specific rules and regulations, so make sure to contact your association before undertaking your remodelling project. There might be certain restrictions regarding the materials you want to use, aesthetic decisions, time of your renovation and other important guidelines.

Decide on the purpose

The purpose of your renovation will greatly affect the decisions you make. For instance, if you’re renovating your condo in order to put it on the market, you should focus on more profitable projects that will appeal to a greater number of buyers. However, if you’re planning to live in your condo for years to come, you’ll have more freedom regarding your choices. Finally, renting your condo is another possible option that will require you to renovate your place in a way that will meet basic living standards and rental requirements.

Create an efficient renovation plan

Important things to consider when renovating a condo

Although your condo might be limited in size, there are still plenty of opportunities to make it more functional, enjoyable, and stylish. Planning your renovation in detail is essential for achieving the best effect.

To avoid unnecessary costs, you should avoid moving your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Moving your pipework will bring a lot of unnecessary delays and expenses, so it’s better to work your way around it. You should also think of different solutions that can help you maximize your space.

From built-in shelves and hidden compartments to appropriate lighting and glass surfaces that will reflect light, there are plenty of functional and effective solutions that will make your condo seem bigger.

Choose a style

For a beautiful aesthetic appeal, you should opt for a specific interior style. This will help you create an appealing, cohesive look that will give your condo a particular character. It will also help you narrow down your choices when it comes to furniture. From modern and contemporary to vintage and rustic, each style has its own distinct charm.

You can also choose an eclectic design and mix and match different styles, or find furniture pieces that can fit into different designs. For example, the charming and stylish Eames chair replica features a unique look that can work in different settings. Its combination of leather and plywood can give your condo an industrial flair and introduce a play of textures. Since this design dates back to 1956, it can also help you design a condo with a mid-century modern vibe.

Update the walls and floors

As one of the simplest renovation ideas, repainting your condo is a popular option for introducing a sense of novelty. With the right colour scheme, you can open up your space and make it seem bigger, so you should focus on light, bright tones.

You can also apply wallpaper on some or all of the walls and create a chic look. When it comes to floors, wood or vinyl are among the best material choices that will bring you a high return on your investment.

Know when to call a pro

Important things to consider when renovating a condo

In some countries, there are strict regulations against unlicensed work, especially when it comes to electricity and plumbing. Therefore, you should check with your condominium board what type of renovations should be conducted by a professional contractor. You should also assess your skills realistically and see which DIY projects you can take on.

Renovating a condo does pose certain challenges, but if you inform yourself about all the regulations and come up with a detailed plan, you’ll be able to complete this project easily and effortlessly.
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