Beachfront Condos For Sale: A Beach Ball Guide To Buying Condos

Beachfront condos for sale

Considering condo living and not interested in the standard fare of the suburban lifestyle?

Or, looking for a second home? A getaway?

You're not alone.


Beachfront Condos Vs. City Living

The complications of laying down roots in the city are well-documented. Chief among them, the sometimes exorbitant living expenses.

Consider cities like New York and San Francisco, where the median rental prices exceed $3,000. On top of that, there are utilities, transportation, food, and other expenses to think about as well.

It's little wonder that so many are opting for something different. That's why affordable beachfront condos for sale in communities across the country are a hot ticket.


Beachfront Condos for Sale: The Lifestyle

In addition to the potential to save some money, they're also a nice change of pace, offering an entirely different atmosphere than what you'd expect right in the middle of the city.

Unfortunately, though, beachfront condos can be a tricky investment.

Supply is limited, and there is inherent risk in purchasing near the beach.

This guide will provide some things to consider before you look at beachfront condos for sale, and hopefully give you a leg up in your search.


Beachfront Condos for Sale: Things to Consider

Before you buy, you'll have to keep a few things in mind about beachfront condos that set them apart from buying in the city or suburbs.

Most notably, property by the water is subject to different weather and environmental stresses not present in other areas.

Erosion, hurricanes, and flooding are all dangers that could threaten the viability of your investment.

On the flip side, though, there are clear benefits to living near the water that go well beyond the beautiful scenery.

Being near the ocean makes the mind calmer, clearer, and more creative. The mental boost reduces stress and frames your thoughts in a way that cause you to focus less on yourself and more on your connections with nature and other people.

No coincidence, then, that people who live near the coast have reduced levels of stress.

beachfront condo living


Action Plan For Buying a Beachfront Condo

The process for scoring beachfront condos for sale closely mirrors any other property acquisition plan.

You'll need to start by laying the groundwork.

Find out how much you can spend on monthly payments and what you'll need to make a suitable down payment.

You'll also need to consider the costs for insurance, condo fees, and property taxes in your condo budget.

Once you've established how much you can spend, you'll need to search for a condo that fits your budget and personal preferences.


Beachfront Living: What Type of Community?

Will you opt for a larger building or a smaller, cozier condo community?

What sort of floor plans appeal to you?

Will you need a balcony? They're totally worth it!

Does the unit have to be pet-friendly? Remember that location will play a large role in how far your dollars will go and employ the services of a skilled real estate agent to narrow down your options and find what you want.

When touring different beachfront condos for sale, make sure to take notes and ask plenty of questions about the area and the units themselves.

Review community rules and potential restrictions, and make sure that they are agreeable.

If you're planning on purchasing the condo to rent out in the future, make sure you understand all the guidelines governing that process before you proceed.


Beachfront Condos For Sale: Mortgages

You'll need to qualify for a mortgage. Both condo associations and lenders will have various requirements for you to meet.

Make sure to read up on the appropriate mortgage basics and tips/tricks that will guide you through the process.

Making an offer on the property can sometimes be tricky, so make sure you go in prepared, and get your real estate agent to help you with finalizing the deal.

Congratulations on deciding to buy a beachfront condo! This is an exciting time, so make sure you have fun with the beachfront buying process.

Take a few "research" trips, test out various cities and communities. Consider it part of your selection process.

Get that beachball out!