4 unique storage ideas to free up space in your condo

Unique storage ideas to free up space in your condo

By Haris Cajic

Living in a condo has a ton of perks. But, in many instances, you pay for those amenities by sacrificing space. A shortage of storage space yields to creativity. By getting crafty, you can free up space in your condo.

Follow along with with our list of unique storage ideas to put your belongings in their place and make your apartment feel more spacious.

1. Don’t  be afraid to hang your things

Unique storage ideas to free up space in your condo hanging bicycle

When floorspace is valuable, your first thought might be to get rid of some of your belongings without even considering other solutions. The walls are a part of the home that are rarely used to their full potential.

If you’re having trouble finding a spot that is “just right” for something in your condo, see if you can hang it up.

One item that commonly causes trouble for condo residents, especially those near a city center, is the bike. Luckily, there are a ton of options for hanging bikes in a small space.

Using that same logic, installing shelving or other storage solutions on your unused wall space can help declutter your home in a big way.

2. Embrace open storage

A common misconception about living “clutter free” is that everything you own needs to be neatly tucked away into an enclosed cupboard, basket or bin. That’s not necessarily the case. In fact, leaving your items exposed has actually become quite trendy.

Add in some wire shelving units, big or small, and organize your belongings neatly on the shelf. You’ll likely be surprised at how aesthetically pleasing a neatly organized shelf can be – even a simple, exposed wire shelf.

Another idea can help free up some of your cabinet space in your kitchen. If you have all of your pots and pans haphazardly thrown into a lower-level cabinet like most of us do, try bringing them out into the open. Installing a long iron bar and using S-hooks to hang your cookware is a beautiful and sleek way to keep your cabinets more free of clutter.

3. DIY storage solutions

Unique storage ideas to free up space in your condo wood crate storage

If you’re looking for space-saving solutions that are also cost-effective, you might consider coming up with a DIY answer.

A great example of an easy, space-saving DIY storage unit is some variation of the wooden crate bookshelf. The idea of using small, affordable wooden crates to craft storage solutions has been seen across the internet over the last few years but the concept has remained basically the same.

Another great option for adding extra storage to your condo while sticking to a budget is to refinish an older piece of furniture into something that is visually appealing and also gives you space to store your belongings. If you want to consider this option, start by going to garage sales, antique auctions and estate sales to see if anything catches your eye. In most cases, refinishing furniture is very straightforward.

4. Make double-duty your baseline

A great rule of thumb for maintaining a clutter-free condo is to strive for double-duty furniture. Anything and everything that can serve another purpose, should.

When looking for decor, see if you can find something that has added storage space. To get your ideas flowing, think about what areas of your condo you need the most extra storage. For example, if you need the most supplementary storage in the living room, see if you can find ottomans that also have storage space. If it’s the kitchen, consider pieces that will allow you to store some of your belongings.

Condo living doesn’t have to be cluttered

Condos can come in any shape and size.

However, they are commonly associated with a lack of storage. If you find that to be your situation, you aren’t out of hope. Just make sure you try some of our suggestions before you throw away or sell everything you own.